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Efficient publishing with SiteBuilder

With SiteBuilder, you can create sophisticated websites and blogs in just 3 easy steps without the need for technical knowledge. Simply choose from hundreds of responsive templates, according to industry or your project plans. SiteBuilder's built web pages are fully compatible and perfectly adapt to your site visitors' end device. This ensures a high-quality user experience across all device and in all browsers. With customizable layouts, colors and fonts, you personalize your website and create a unique appearance. Whether personal homepage, blog or business website; SiteBuilder covers almost all topics: Travel, Photography, Real Estate, Health, Restaurants, Event, Consulting, Technology, Education, Commerce, CV, Entertainment Computer, Software, Sports, Nature, Portfolio and more ...

With over 40 widgets such as Image / Video Slider, Image Galleries, Rich Text, Video, Audio, Google Maps, Contact Form, and Social Media, you can integrate useful features with just one click and instantly enhance your online presence. The intuitive editor helps you manage your content and publish blog posts. More faster loading times are provided by highly optimized servers designed for efficient website operation and SiteBuilder by generating static pages (HTML, CSS, JS) which are published directly on the integrated web space. Each SiteBuilder package includes the industry's leading Plesk hosting panel for efficient webspace management, preconfigured SiteBuilder software, inclusive domains*, email accounts and many more professional features.

Convincing Advantages

We provide powerful technical instances to ensure at all times that your booked products are stable and fail-safe...

We place the highest priority on security with intelligent features in our data centers, thus ensuring optimum protection...

We offer flexible and transparent tariffs that give you full freedom of choice over the price, term and resources needed...

We ensure the intuitive usability of our products to ensure effective utilisation and easy access at all times ...


Product Features

SiteBuilder is a feature-rich website builder for creating beautiful-looking websites. Begin by setting up your personal or business presence on the Internet or a theme blog, and select from 100s industry-specific or other matching design templates.

The operation is intuitive and guides you through step-by-step with drag-and-drop operations until the completion of a professional website. In addition to website creation, you administer all websites through a single management interface and publish content, blog posts and websites with just one click directly on the integrated web space. With customizable layouts, colors and fonts, you personalize your website and create a unique appearance.

Website Package
Powerful Server Architecture
Data Center in Germany
High-Safety Standards
High-Data Security
Private & Commercial Use
24/7 Professional Support
Package Upgrades Possible
Flexible Term / Payment Method
Plesk Hosting
Optimized Fast Webspace
Traffic Unlimited
Domain Management
Free Inclusive Domains*
Addon Domains Possible*
Let's Encrypt ™ SSL
Webmail Interfaces
Spam & Virus Protection
IP Firewall
Backup & Restore *
Webalizer Statistics
Site Builder
Multi-Site Management
Step-by-Step Website Creation
Website and/or Blog Possible
Industry Support
1-Click Publication
High Quality Designer-Grade Templates
SEO Optimization Options
Cross Browser Tested
Mobile Access Optimized
Integrated Widgets



Extend your website package with strategically registered domains from around the world. We register domains in real-time and add them to your hosting account. If desired, you can also have your existing domains transferred to our network to ensure more efficient administration:

► Domain Registration             ► Domain Transfer

Whether a personal homepage, a blog or a business website, SiteBuilder covers almost all areas: Travel, Photography, Real Estate, Health, Restaurants, Event, Consulting, Technology, Education, Commerce, CV, Entertainment, Computers, Software, Sports, Nature, Portfolio and more. With over 40 widgets such as Image/Video Slider, Image Galleries, Rich Text, Video, Audio, Google Maps, Contact Form, and Social Media, you can integrate useful features with just one click and instantly enhance your online presence.

Build sophisticated websites at no time and use the intuitive content editor and a huge variety of built-in features:

One-Click Publish
Choose a design template, insert content, integrate media files (images, audio, videos) and publish with a single click.

350+ Themes
Attractive design templates sorted by sectors and varied subject areas.

40+ widgets
Easy to use media slider, image galleries, rich text, video, audio, google maps and many more.

Load-Time Optimization
SiteBuilder creates and publish static web pages (HTML, CSS, JS) for faster loading times.

SiteBuilder websites automatically adapt to all screen sizes perfectly and work in all modern browsers.

Social media
Add links to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others.

Menu items and sub-items can be customized easily.

Blog Operation
Active blog operation for optimal communication and regular postings.

Simply add pictures, audio files and videos via drag & drop and inplement into your content pages with a single click.

SiteBuilder is a easy to use drag and drop interface for creating beautiful websites without requiring technical knowledge.

Create multiple websites with different themes, appearances and content for different domains.

Objekt Replication
Replicate objects in the user interface with the Drag and Drop editor to reuse your customizations.

Create pages, blogs or both together.


Tariff Comparison

Go online with your own website and book the appropriate complete package now at the current special price. We offer three package tariffs that are tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. Get the right website tariff according to purpose and range of functions and begin realizing your ideas with a professional online presentation. 



Essential Plan


5 GB Webspace

∞ Traffic              

2 Websites         

∞ Sub Pages       


10 Email Accounts

SSL Certificates    


 from  2,49   € / Month


+ 1 Inclusive Domain* 

+ Plesk Hosting          

+ Sitepad Builder        


German Data Center
ISO 27001 Certified






Professional Plan


20 GB Webspace    

∞ Traffic               

5 Websites          

∞ Sub Pages        


30 Email Accounts

SSL Certificates    


 from  5,99   € / Month


+ 2 Inclusive Domains* 

+ Plesk Hosting            

+ Sitepad Builder          


German Data Center
ISO 27001 Certified






Enterprise Plan


50 GB Webspace

∞ Traffic             


∞ Sub Pages      


Email Accounts 

SSL Certificates   


 from  19,99   € / Month


+ 3 Inclusive Domains* 

+ Plesk Hosting            

+ Sitepad Builder         


German Data Center
ISO 27001 Certified







Product Information & Contractual Conditions *

With every Website Package you get the number of mentioned features which can differ between the offered tariffs. We allow the activation of the specified maximum addon-domains which can be ordered via our registration or transfer service. In addition, external domains can be easily deployed via external mapping. Free inclusive domains are available for annual bookings and can be used for the entire term of the website package with the following top-level domains: .com, .net, .eu, .de. Free inclusive domains are automatically renewed if there is a renewal order for the respective Website  Package. If no domain has been registered by you, we provide the option to add a subdomain from our network.


Part of the contract is solely the technical provision of the Website Package and the administration of the necessary resources and any bookable options that are in the sole responsibility of Each individual package refers to one (1) hosting account. The minimum term is either one (1) month or one (1) year and is billed in advance for the entire term.. There will be an automatic contract renewal if the cancellation is not made on time, at the latest 30 days before the end of the current contract period. With the expiry date by termination, all services are suspended and all data stored on the server irrevocably removed. This also includes the return of the domains (if any) to the relevant registrars. A recovery of the hosting account and/or the domains is no longer possible at a later point after the booking has expired. We reserve the right to discontinue services immediately if: delayed payment occurs, payments fail, chargebacks occur or renewal bookings fail. Promotional prices are for the first period of validity (duration) unless otherwise stated. Thereafter, the regular standard prices apply. The change of the current prices, for the respective tariffs, are subject to the sole discretion of Promotions, discounts or free add-ons must be added to the shopping cart with a promotional code during the order to be considered for the current purchase. Promotions are subject to additional conditions and can not be combined with other promotions!


It is not permitted to use illegal practice of use! This includes, but is not limited to, the distribution of spam or the impairment of server and software operations as well as the reputation of the subdomains, service URLs, IP addresses and all other services provided. The services booked are personal and it is not permitted to pass these on to third parties or resell them in any way. As the technical facilities are shared resources, all unlimited functions are subject to the "Fair Use Ppolicy" and require prudent, responsible use by each individual user. We do not restrict the usability of the hosting package, but certain limitations still apply in the context of ensuring efficient server operation and securing the technical facilities. In general, the storing of files that are unsafe, violate applicable law or serve the purpose of harm to our servers or to other target devices is strictly prohibited. In the event of a breach of these Terms of Use, we will immediately discontinue the provision of the service and reserve the right to take legal action and to pass on the costs incurred to you.

Information about the processing of personal data when using our service can be found in our Privacy Policy. If you act as a business yourself and process personal information through the Hosting Package, you must independently inform the individuals concerned of the nature and purpose of the data processing and seek their express consent.


The product range of is only available through the Provider Network of and consists of various product components of Strato AG and services provided by At any time, additional contractual partners may be called in and parts or services may be outsourced to third parties, provided that this serves to ensure the operation or the performance described.


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